Papua Provincial Government Politics on Coffee Development: Challenges or Obstacles

I have not yet come to a clear conclusion whether or not some examples of statements and actions that I want to present in the coming articles are obstacles or challenges. I want you, readers to tell me what they actually are. I hope that after at least three articles, we will have a clearer idea of what is actually happening. I do not want to pre-judge what is happening based on my very subjective perspective, because I myself am the player of coffee business in Papua and Papua Barat provinces of Indonesia. I want you, out there, to judge what this really is: challenge or obstacle? I actually want you to tell me that these are challenges, not obstacles, as a Papuan, and as a local as well as beginner in business world, I must acknowledge that I cannot cope with what is happening right now. When the governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe was inaugurated as the Governor of Papua, two days after that, he flew directly to my village, asking GIDI's Founder (GIDI is the Evangelical Church of Indonesia, and Lukas Enembe is a GIDI church member) to pray for him. The GIDI Founder, Rev. Ki'marek Karoba Tawy prayed for him, and gave him s few advice. By the Way, Rev. Ki'marek Tawy himself is a coffee farmer, he is the founder of the KSU Baliem Arabica (Baliem Arbaica Cooperative), the only cooperative, or business entity in Papua soil that has already successfully exported coffee directly from West Papua to the USA Market since November 2009. Rev. Ki'marek Tawy told the governor that he should focus on helping the coffee farmers. The governor said on the stage, openly that he will prioritise the development of Coffee in Papua Province. Today is 24 November 2015, since two years ago, Lukas Enembe made the promise. The coffee export was already happened since 2009, far before Lukas Enembe was elected as the governor. After Lukas came into office, he had not yet done anything for coffee development. Even he stopped the coffee export. His promise to coffee farmer has never become a reality. Lukas came to Rev. Kimarek's hometown asking for his prayer to support himself to be a good governor, but he has so far neglected the request from is own Pastor. I do not understand, whether or not this is an obstacle or a challenge. Let me know, I am Jhon Yonathan Kwano.