Papua Arabica

With this blog, the local Baliem Arabica Cooperative is working to introduce the Organic Arabica Coffee, Papua Arabica Coffee to the world.

We have stories, information and new to tell in this blog.

We also want to present opportunities for investment.

Deep in the remote, mountainous valleys of Papua, several many indigenous farmers are organising themselves to manage high quality organic arabica coffee. Chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are not used, making the coffee rare and valuable.

With the support of KSU Bailem Arabica (local coffee coop in Papua and Papua Barat Provinces of Indonesia), these growers are starting to get a fair price for their coffee from national and international markets. Many densely forested highland areas are accessible only by foot or air, so the coffee has to be flown to the port of Jayapura for export.

Papua produces around more than 200 tonnes of coffee each year, with the figure set to rise as new operations are founded and best organic coffee practices are established. This will provide significant benefits to local growers and their families who rely on coffee for their livelihood.